I make my art with one goal in mind.

To create something that no one has ever seen before.

Almost impossible.

Challenging, but helped by the fact that I stumbled on a fascinating filter for my photography. I discovered it on a weekend vacation in Chicago.  One morning after I had finished swimming laps at the Lakeshore Athletic Club, I noticed a large bank of glass block at the far end of the pool. The longer I looked at it the more intrigued I became. I was floored by the simple elegant images shining through them. I went back to the hotel, got my camera and came back to shoot them on black and white film. That was the beginning. Eventually, I began coloring the images and adding an additional photogram layer, but some I left alone.

What thrills me about the glass is the way it bends simple objects and contorts light. I even love the little flaws that can happen at the glass factory when they are made. All of this, I think, makes for a sense of mystery and motion.