My work reflects my great passion for dance and the music it depends on. Figures, body parts and trails of movement are pictured in almost all of my work. Dance allows us to see music and, I believe, my artwork is another way to see it.

Many years ago I discovered a unique photographic filter in Pennsylvania glass block. I was at the Lakeshore Athletic club in Chicago and discovered a wall of glass block in the pool area. The images coming through the glass were mesmerizing so I felt compelled to capture them on film. There were moving figures in the glass. Many of them suggested dance figures and/or movement.

Now I use a studio set up with glass blocks and lights and a digital camera. Placing objects behind the glass blocks, I get on the other side of the block and shoot through. The glass warps the images making them look unreal and mysterious. 

Recently, I have begun using digital processes and incorporating photography. This new work uses space as an artistic element and combines structured and non-structured shapes.



bwvery cropped polly norman in studio working portraits 09.26.2012.jpg