Polly Norman

Born in Minneapolis, Polly Sandvik grew up in a family of artists, musicians and writers and studied art, dance and piano.

Her college years were spent training for another field, medicine. Sandvik attended Abbott-Northwestern School of Nursing then specialized in Newborn Intensive Care. After she married, Polly Norman volunteered for her sons' schools doing public relations photography and writing. This led to a career in studio photography and professional writing for various publications.

She eventually began to venture into fine art photography and painting.

After discovering a unique filter in Pennsylvania glass block, she began photographing objects through them in black and white and coloring the resulting images. Her work took off and she was eventually represented by several galleries and had her work included in museum shows and collections.

She began combining segments of her abstract photography with digital art. She now works primarily in digital media. 


Norman has exhibited and won awards locally, nationally and internationally. She is currently represented by Gallery 360 and Gallery 13 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


Photographer, painter and author, Polly Norman ©2017

Photographer, painter and author, Polly Norman ©2017